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Emotional Freedom Techniques Courses

EFT – Level One – Introductory level

Level 1 is the introductory level training of EFT. This varied and interesting one-day programme will offer you an insight in to the background of this therapeutic technique that has transformed the scope of personal development and healing. You will learn how EFT evolved and receive hands-on experience of how to use it in a variety of situations and for a range of different problems.

Immediately after the course you will be able to apply these techniques to yourself as well as family and friends and start witnessing profound results.

Following this one-day course, it is recommended to take the next step to Level 2 to become an Accredited Practitioner – this will enable you to offer your services as an EFT Practitioner, or include the techniques in your current therapy/ healthcare practice, or if you are learning EFT for your own healing and development this Level 2 training will expand your expertise to refine your self-practise. We always offer a Level 2 training immediately following each Level 1 training, so that you can broaden your understanding of EFT and increase the scope of your practise. Following a Level 2 course and once you have completed all elements of the qualification process, you will gain your practitioner status so you can start using the techniques in your work as soon as possible.


Entry requirements:

  • To spend a minimum of 6 hours looking in to EFT – this can be in the medium of your choice – reading, watching videos, attending an EFT group or having personal sessions.
  • Interest & enthusiasm!


What will be covered:

  • The history & thinking behind EFT
  • How to use the complete technique (the “Basic Recipe”)
  • Short cuts to the full treatment routine
  • What is Psychological Reversal and how to work with it
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Learn how to release negative charge from traumatic memories
  • Watch and tap along to a live demo
  • Practise the technique on other course colleagues
  • Working with physical pain and discomfort
  • Working with addictive cravings
  • Overcoming obstacles to the success of the treatment

EFT – Level Two – Deeper EFT Learning

Level Two is the Practitioner-level training, a two-day programme, after which you will be required to complete some course work so that you can qualify as a Certified EFT practitioner.

Who should attend?

This course is for those who want to take EFT further and either start working as an EFT Practitioner, integrating EFT with their current therapy or healing practise or purely for enhancing their own personal development. The training is open to therapists, healers, healthcare professionals and anyone with an interest in personal development and this powerful healing technique.

EFT – Course Fees :


Level One – One Day Course : £150

Level Two – Two Day Course : £250

All Course Enquires :  Please use contact details below.

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