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Phone and Skype Sessions

EFT is just as effective by phone as it is in person. Because EFT works so well by phone, geographical barriers melt away. I’ve worked with clients in all parts of the country and around the world. I record the session (unless you prefer that it not be recorded) and I send you the recording via e-mail so that you can listen on your computer or download the mp3.

Reviewing the session and tapping along again can really support the healing process. If we decide that an extra recording would be helpful for support and reinforcement between sessions, I also offer the option of custom-designed tapping.

These days, videoconferencing is very easy and we have the extra advantage of being able to see each other.  Videoconferencing is our method of choice for international sessions. I prefer to use the Zoom videoconferencing system which is like Skype but much more reliable. I will send you information about how to join me on Zoom. It’s very easy and allows us to record the session, audio and video options. For convenience, we’ll still use the term “Skype sessions” on this page since Skype is so well-known. What a miracle that we can connect all across the world without cost!

Make an Investment in your Emotional Well-Being

My phone or Skype sessions are one hour and 15 minutes – often that extra 15 minutes is essential. I usually work with a series of sessions. With at least three and preferably five sessions, we can usually work wonders. Healing is a process and, once you have committed to a series of sessions, we have the opportunity to let the process unfold. Consider giving yourself the gift of support over time, with substantial savings. The following packages are popular, but speak to me if you’d like for us to create a special package to meet your needs. Payments are through the secure Paypal system where you can choose to use your Paypal account OR a credit card. No Paypal account is required.