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You’re probably here because

you’ve begun to see and feel the negative effects of a past emotional trauma, or simply feel that something painful from your past has followed you into your present life. It’s likely that you keep encountering the same patterns, the same blocks, and the same frustrations or the same relationship issues repeatedly, no matter how much insight you seem to have about yourself.

It may be that you’ve spent years following someone else’s dream for you, and you’ve forgotten what your own dreams were. You may have achieved a lot of outer success and status, but secretly feel disillusioned and dissatisfied…

You might feel tired

uninspired, or unable to get off the wheel because you’re afraid of what you would feel if you stopped and just let yourself be still…

Maybe you have become so wrapped up in the identity of your work, that you’ve lost touch with who you really are and what you truly want…

You may be struggling to regain your sense of self after an abusive relationship, or still feel haunted by the memories of past childhood abuse or sexual trauma that you’ve never talked about or fully released.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or “Tapping” is a well-researched mind-body approach for mental and emotional transformation, utilizing the energy system of the body to facilitate profound changes in the way you think and feel. EFT is a meridian-based technique like acupuncture, but targets specific thoughts, feelings and emotions that are held in the body. EFT is non-intrusive, does not involve physical contact (you tap on your own acupressure points), and doesn’t use needles.

Unresolved emotional pain, may be long forgotten

yet the body remembers. These old emotions remain stuck on a physical and energetic level, and can create inner conflict, stress, inhibited creative vision and lack of focus. By resolving past traumas, losses, fears and self-limiting beliefs, we can remove the barriers that prevent you from being fully present and achieving your full potential.

our approach to EFT is influenced by many years of experience and rigorous advanced training with some of the top EFT Masters and originators of this technique, combined with my deeply intuitive approach to connecting and guiding my clients to a more expanded and liberated sense of being.

Whether your concern is chronic stress, anxiety, pain, relationship problems, or unhealthy habits, you feel like some part of you is missing. Like you still haven’t “arrived.”

Unfinished emotional traumas can rob you of your strength, your vitality and your spirit. Unresolved traumas can hijack your mind and keep you from feeling truly alive, authentic, and present. They dim the light that should be there in your eyes, in your heart, and in your work.

The good news is

that no matter how long you’ve felt stuck, incomplete or in pain – whether it’s been a month, a year or 40 years that you’ve carried the emotional weight of unresolved traumas – there are safe, effective, natural methods of fully releasing old painful memories from your mind and body. There is a way to let go of old subconscious patterns that keep leading you to self-sabotage, and there is a way to help you awaken the parts of you that seemed lost and forgotten.

Over the past 10 years we have helped hundreds of people just like you – to finally put their pain to rest, and awaken from the fog that had kept them from living fully, with passion, inspiration, creativity and authentic happiness. These things are all possible, and it is my greatest joy to be able to serve my clients in this way, witnessing the transformation of body, mind, and spirit.




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